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Greg’s most requested
School Assembly Program!

Designed specifically for anti-conflict curriculum’s, this assembly will motivate your students work together to solve difficulties
and realize each others potential!

Helping each other succeed is the MAJOR point to this important program!!

But there is so much to say about this program,
there is a separate web page for it!

Don’t miss adding this very important assembly to your school year.
Suitable for any public, parochial or private school setting!


Just Say Know! (Yourself!) A program about Self Esteem.

“Just Say Know-Yourself!” is the message Magical, Motivational Educational, Entertainer Greg Phillips shares with school children throughout the country in his motivational and inspirational
Mr. Greg uses the art of magic to grab the children’s attention then talks with them about a variety of motivational topics: “Say No” to drugs, set goals, you can do anything you put your mind to, learn from your mistakes and more — all while enjoying an entertaining magic show!  Mr. Greg’s fun loving character is appreciated by both students and faculty; in fact, teachers often comment that they have as much fun as the students!!!

“JUST SAY KNOW -YOURSELF!” gets your students “pumped up” and ready to get more out of themselves, school and life.
Some of the messages included are:

  • You are important!
  • Set your goals high!
  • “Say No” to drugs and alcohol!
  • School is important!
  • You can be anything or anyone when they grow up!
  • It’s on you!
  • Don’t give up!
  • KNOW who they are!
  • Being different is Cool!
  • Use their talents to create the life they deserve!

“The real magic in life begins within when you KNOW YOURSELF! !”    

 When your school hosts “JUST SAY KNOW -YOURSELF!” School Assembly Program you get more than just a magic show.  You get an award winning magician talking with the children about the “Real Magic” in life — the ability to be and do anything you want.  With lighthearted motivational lessons that cover peer pressure, manners, kindness,
and getting along well with others.
This is a VERY POSITIVE, inspiring, uniquely entertaining, wonderfully upbeat program that encourages a “You Can Do Anything!” attitude.

You will receive support materials: a teacher’s kit with ideas for discussion and additional resources; posters to promote the show and a press release to let your community know the “extra mile” you are going
for the children’s success.

in Your
Anti-Drug Campaign
during Red Ribbon Week.


is not specifically an anti-drug program, it will fit in nicely with your campaign against drugs.  After all, a positive self-image is the first step toward keeping a child away from substance abuse.

Many schools have used “JUST SAY KNOW -YOURSELF!”
as a very effective part of their anti-drug programs and now you can too.  Being a part of your drug education campaign you can probably use resources from state and federal sources to help defray the costs of the program.  Many school districts have already have approval to use “anti drug money” to pay for this show.

During “JUST SAY KNOW -YOURSELF!”  I share inspirational stories about some of my favorite characters from History and even some personal friends! Like, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison & Harry Houdini stories and situations presented through entertaining magic, comedy, storytelling and other “tools” in my arsenal! The kids have a great time at the program show and learn something at the same time.
It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

It’s a scientific fact that!

In a report from

So Mr. Greg will give each child a specially printed Magic Wand
with several tricks on it!

He will then take a couple minutes to teach all the children a simple magic trick that they can do and perform for their friends and family.
A Self Esteem Starter! Just like Mr. Greg got!

This is the coolest Character Development Show in the world! Amazing magic tricks are used to illustrate each motivational message.
Everyone is reminded that they can achieve anything they set out to do, and that every person is a unique treasure!

The Magic of Nutrition A nutrition and wellness program.


3 Cups Comedy
3 Cups Fantastic Magic
2 Cups of Motivational,
Educational Content

5 Cups  Audience Participation


Mix together all the ingredients in a large group setting for an exciting, irresistible, laugh a minute Magical, Motivational, and Educational Program!

Mr. Greg as the “The Magic Chef” mixes these ingredients for 45 minutes to teach the importance of good nutrition!

The Magic of Nutrition is a fast, exciting, fun-filled program to help teach kids about nutrition. Children will learn how to identify bad nutrition habits, what to do to stay healthy, and how to eat the right kinds of foods and drinks.  Teachers and staff will also learn many identifiers and techniques to help change bad habits and get healthy.
Through stories, games, comedy and audience participation, students will become more aware of this “hidden” problem and help learn how to make their school a healthier, safer and more fun place.

Kids and Teachers Learn:

  • How to eat properly to stay physically fit.
  • See the Food Pyramid change into the new USDA Nutrition Plate and have it clearly explained.
  • How to determine beneficial foods from unhealthy foods
  • See children participate in a hilarious cooking lesson.

The Magic of Nutrition will give kids strategies to improve their health!

According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

  • 1 out of 5 children aged 6-11 are now obese
  • Over the past three decades, the rate of obesity has tripled in children ages 6-11
  • Obesity in early childhood can lead to an increase in health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression
  • Approximately 9 million children over the age of 6 are now considered obese

So what can we do to help our students?

“The Magic of Nutrition” blends magic, comedy, and stories in a way kids can relate to, to really create a message that resonates and gets them FIRED UP about making themselves healthier.  I’ve blended proven techniques for eating and living healthier, stories, and some fun and powerful music and magic to really make learning fun. Students will be involved with fun, amazing demonstrations of how to improve nutrition.

The “S.P.A.M.” acronym explained:

After talking with teachers and other educators, and discovering what they want students to learn about nutrition, I developed the “S.P.A. M.” acronym to make everything easy to remember. (SPAM is also prominently featured in the program!)

S – Skip The Soda Pop, Drink Water!

Soda pop is considered a “junk food” and that means it’s ok to have every now and then as a little snack. But water is the most important thing that we can put into our bodies!

P –Eat the Pyramid and the Plate!

The next point of the show discusses what the students should be eating in their diet. We introduce the food pyramid and new USDA Plate, and comically discuss what the different food groups mean, and why it’s smart to eat from all of them!

A – Avoid Junk Food!

Next we talk about avoiding junk foods. We all know there are foods that are good for us to eat, and foods that are not so good to eat. But do students really understand why? The program also has another important message, that “junk food” is not BAD. We let the students know that a junk food snack is ok every now and then, but the majority of what you eat should come from the food groups.

M – Move And Exercise!

An important part of the program is to “move and exercise.” Moving and exercising is a way to strengthen and build our bodies, improve our flexibility and be better learners! We have all seen people who lift weights to make their muscles stronger. Well, our heart is our most important muscle, and exercising is a way to work out that muscle!

And Best of all, this program works! Give it a try! 


Using world-class magic, Mr. Greg  combines mathematical concepts like measurements, multiplication, shapes and geometry.
Your students will be amazed and entertained.
They will laugh and “oooh” and “aaah,” and without even realizing it,
they will be reviewing essential mathematical concepts, many of which are covered on standardized tests.
The Arith-ma-Trix Program is the perfect assembly to get kids excited about math or kick off a math night.

A fun-filled magical program designed to help kids understand concepts of math and numbers. Encouraging all kids that they can use their brains to achieve their goals of math, problem solving and engineering!

Mr. Greg makes Math fun!

The Weird Science Magic Show

Is a program designed to give children entrance into the exciting world of illusion, comedy, and scientific demonstrations! But mostly leaving them with an appreciation for science!

The Weird Science Magic Show is a teacher tested and proven means for giving audiences a chance to learn how “magic” works while instilling audience members with a keen desire to learn about science.

The Weird Science Magic Show consists of laboratory demonstrations and experiments plus great magic tricks. The audience, students and teachers alike, are even shown how to construct and perform some of the tricks. The materials needed to make the tricks are found easily.

Many of the tricks are based on scientific principles. As the kids learn the secrets, they learn the scientific principles!

Mr. Greg uses magic to teach science to students of all ages from kindergarten to college in an educational, entertaining and fun program. Mr. Greg will introduce is friend “Professor PHEOC” who comes to life before their eyes and takes the kids on a comical look at Science!
(PHEOC is the acronym for the scientific method of problem, hypothesis , experiment, observation, and conclusion!)

Mr. Greg is the science magician who involves his audiences in problem solving situations filled with laughs, educational lessons, and unforgettable, magical entertainment!

The audience learns that science is useful, fun, exciting and worth studying.

Oh, the Magical Places to Go!
Join Greg in this magical tribute to

Dr. Seuss as children travel on a journey around the world. They will learn that reading is fun. The program will let children discover the diversity of the planet with a focus on respect and tolerance through the morals and examples presented in many of Dr. Seuss’s’ books. The program features many children’s favorite books that come to life with magic, juggling puppets and music.
The books that will be part of Greg’s Magic program include: The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, The Sneetches and Other Stories, Horton Hears a Who, Gertrude McFuzz, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and Happy Birthday to You!

The Magic of Reading!

Greg promotes READING and BOOKS in this fast paced 45 minute magic show that inspires children to turn off their TV’s and video games and

The kids will witness how reading inspires imagination as some very popular story books come to life, in this non-stop magical educational performance of fun and laughter.
Books Include, The Secret Garden. That’s Good That’s Bad, Uncle Magic, Charlotte’s Web and more!

The children will be reminded to take responsibility when borrowing books from the library, as it wouldn’t be fair to others if the book is returned damaged or destroyed. Fiction, Non Fiction, biographies with some very subtle moral messages makes this a “can’t go wrong” performance for your next school assembly or library event.
This show stresses that READING IS FUN and should be part of our daily activities and, like everything else in life, takes time and practice to become a good reader.
This performance is GUARANTEED TO PLEASE!


Educational Content

One after another, Mr. Greg’s  routines will keep students and teachers fascinated. As always, there is a lot of comedy and a lot of audience participation to help students focus on and remember the objectives and educational content.  As with all Mr. Greg’s Programs they are motivating, fun and memorable.  Use them as a stand-alone assembly, a reward program or as part of a larger theme or week.  Your students will benefit from each program far longer than the length of the program….. Perhaps forever!

Scripted Programs

Like all of Mr. Greg’s programs, this is a professionally scripted show, written with proper sequencing for high and low spots to provide children with lots of excitement but prevent them from becoming unruly. Children who are called on to assist are always rewarded and never embarrassed. Teachers and principals always comment on how wonderfully Mr. Greg handles children. In addition, Mr. Greg adds special humorous touches that just the adults will understand and enjoy. Like a good old Saturday morning cartoon. Fun for kids… Enjoyed by the adults!

Support Material for Teachers and Students

Mr. Greg knows an assembly wouldn’t be complete without support and enthusiasm from your teachers. And for this reason, he includes with every assembly program:
Official Posters for each Program! This is a poster that you can print out and hang around your school to build enthusiasm for the coming show!
PLUS! Each program comes complete with an Educational Classroom Discussion Guide which will insure your students receive the greatest possible educational value from the live performances!

No Stress Performance

As always, Mr. Greg brings all of his own props and tables, has specially-tailored costuming and carries his own backdrop and sound system. He can perform in almost any location, large rooms or small, stage, auditorium, classroom or cafeteria. It can be adjusted to be suitable for groups of from 10 to 250. Schools with larger enrollments should have two programs. Splitting a full-range school into, say, one K-2 program and another for grades 3-6 allows Mr. Greg to customize the language, objectives and vocabulary to the different grade levels. When performing for Primary grades, Mr. Greg will make the program lighter, faster and more fun. When presenting the same program to Upper Elementary, Mr. Greg will use higher vocabulary, and focus more strongly on the objectives and cause and effect.

Money Back Guarantee

All Mr. Greg’s programs are guaranteed!  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the assembly program you host — you don’t have to pay!  Mr. Greg has offered this guarantee for over 30 years and has been enthusiastically paid after each and every show!

Why Mr. Greg Does These Programs  

Children, today more than ever before, need to hear these positive and motivational messages.  Whether Bullying, Nutrition, Self Esteem, Science or Math, building positive, confident successful students is what Mr. Greg strives for. Partnering with parents, educators and students, Mr. Greg’s programs have been carefully crafted and scripted for maximum impact. It’s his goal to share this excitement with school children throughout the country.

Shows Book Quickly!

Do too other commitments, I can only take a limited number of schools during each school year – and those dates are filling FAST.  These shows are truly inspiring to the students, the faculty and to myself.

Here’s what others are saying! 

“We appreciate your many contributions to creating a positive learning environment. Your expertise created   excitement for everyone. Throughout the presentation, you were able to interject meaningful messages while capturing the magic. I will recommend you to other elementary schools without reservation.”
Linda Piccolella, Principal, Brevard County Florida

“Greg was entertaining and highly interactive…the students loved being part of the program…”
Kathy Brockdorf,  Principal Keller Elementary,  Greenbay, Wisconsin

“The Student AND Staff really enjoyed the program. The programs were VERY appropriate for our students (K-6)  and the message was presented in an entertaining and appropriate way. The messages you presented are important for us all!”
Jim Drews, Counselor, Fort Howard and Jefferson Schools,
Green Bay, Wisconsin

“Mr. Greg is very gifted and offers a professional presentation in magic, comedy and teaching important values in today’s culture. His programs are very effective and relational with high energy and quiet moments, and he holds the interest of his audiences during the whole program. I would have him back in a minute.”
Rick Volpe, Children’s Education Director, Jupiter, Florida.


ADDITIONAL Frequently Asked Questions

SHOW LENGTH: All programs run approximately forty-five (45) minutes (or one full class period) unless other arrangements have been made.

REQUIREMENTS: All programs are completely self-contained. We provide the sound system, props and everything needed to present a professional show. You provide any suitable school facility (stage, gym, cafeteria, etc.) and an eager audience!

TARGET GRADES: K-6, slight changes are made in the show at each performance so it is targeted toward YOUR audience.
Suggested age groupings include:
Grades K-3
Grades 4-6


You’ll be pleased to know that the program can be brought to your school for only $495.
If you have a larger group and you need two assemblies, no problem.
A 2nd program at your school on the same day as the 1st assembly is only $295 extra.

SAVE 10%: Team up with another school in your immediate so Mr. Greg can perform at two schools
(or more) in one day, and all participating schools save 10%!

Simply pick up the phone and call me.  We can discuss your event in detail.  You can ask any questions you have.  I’m not going to try to “sell” you, so you can relax – no pressure – I’m here to answer your questions and help you make your event the best ever.

Call Greg Phillips today at 321-626-2622 or email me for extraordinary educational presentations that are guaranteed to motivate your students while being memorable, entertaining and fun!

Greg Phillips