School Principals Letter

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Dear Assembly Coordinator,

You’ve got a difficult job. It’s not easy finding a speaker or entertainer that will make the boss happy. You’ve got to bring in someone with experience, someone with a great, educational and entertaining program, and someone who is affordable.

Sifting through the hundreds of options and finding a program that meets these criteria is almost an impossible task.


I can help. My name is Greg Phillips, M.M.E.H. I specialize in creating high-energy, entertaining and affordable educational assembly programs for elementary school students.

My wife, Christine has been a teacher for the past 20 years in Florida and I a substitute teacher so I can stay in touch with where the kids are at and what they are exposed to. I’m well aware of the stifling budget restrictions that your school is forced to operate under. Because of the lack of funds, quality assembly programs for our kids are almost a thing of the past.

But that’s where I can help.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve had the pleasure of presenting my programs for thousands of children in hundreds of schools here in the U.S. plus Central and South America. I can certainly say I’ve learned a few things along the way! I feel very fortunate to have my job…I get a unique opportunity to share powerful messages that I strongly believe in, with children who need to hear them. And… the kids will be having so much fun they won’t even know they are learning!

Reasons To Bring These Unique Programs To Your School:

(But don’t take my word for it…)

1.    Educational – It is vitally important that ALL assemblies be educational. Classroom time is highly valuable and any outside programs should support curriculum, not distract from it. Each of my important and timely topics have been thoroughly researched and each program is carefully scripted so you can be sure your students will be learning the important lessons about life that they need to know if they are going to be successful.

“What a great job mixing in character education and keeping the student’s attention. The kids always look forward to you! Fabulous!”
Susan Henard, Elementary Teacher, Brevard County Florida

“Thanks for helping to educate our students.”
Carolyn Hand, Principal, Discovery Elementary, Palm Bay, Florida

“What a delightful and meaningful program… His presentation, aside  from containing very vital information for our students, was so entertaining that Greg held their rapt attention from the minute he began!
Mary Wiegand, Principal, Nicolet Elementary, Green Bay, Wisconsin

“Greg is very gifted and offers a professional presentation in magic, comedy and teaching important values in today’s culture. His programs are very effective and relational with high energy and quiet moments, and he holds the interest of his audiences during the whole program. I would have him back in a minute.
Rick Volpe, Children’s Education Director, West Palm Beach, Florida

2.      FUN – My programs are designed to be FUN and FUNNY for both students and teachers. Having controlled fun is the best way to keep the attention of even the toughest kids. When we keep their attention the message gets through! Wouldn’t you agree?

“Mr. Greg is WONDERFUL! The children and teachers look forward to your programs. Thank you!
Theresa Chase, Brevard County, Florida

“What a unique presentation! You’ve really added to our year!Sherry Misch, Principal Eau Gallie Academy, Eau Gallie, Florida

3.    Captivating programs with Complete Audience Involvement – “Tell me, I’ll forget.  Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.” EVERY student is given an opportunity to participate.

“Teachers commented how the students kept talking about the program for days after! What a wonderful surprise!”
Riviera Elementary, Brevard County Florida

“Greg has a special way of teaching important issues to children while he is performing. The children were captivated by Greg.”
Walter Taylor, Principal, Riviera Elementary, Palm Bay, Florida

4.    Age-Appropriate and Beneficial – My programs are always custom tailored for each group of students so they will get the maximum benefit.

“The Student AND Staff really enjoyed the program. The programs were VERY appropriate for our students (K-6) and the message was presented in an entertaining and appropriate way. The messages you presented are important for us all!
Jim Drews, Counselor, Ft. Howard and Jefferson Schools, Green Bay, Wisconsin

“The Students always benefit from your programs!
Amanda Pravata, Elementary Teacher, Brevard County, Florida

“I appreciate the way you magically wove the theme of our school… an elementary magnet school focusing on mathematics and science into your presentation. You knew your audience well… with each grade level you altered your presentation to fit them. Comments from Children were wonderful as I would expect. The accolades from parents and staff are a tribute to the excellence of your program.”
Carol Marino, Principal,  Osceola Magnet School, Vero Beach, Florida

5.    Squeaky Clean And Inoffensive – Absolutely, positively no embarrassing innuendo or off-color remarks. This should go without saying, but with “political correctness” becoming more and more important, you can never be too safe.

“The Teachers said that you were Awesome!”Riviera Elementary, Brevard County Florida

“The students and I thoroughly enjoyed the program… Fantastic!”
Ms. Djababic, Elementary Teacher, Brevard County, Florida

6.       Easy And Hassle-Free – You provide any suitable school facility, an audience and a power outlet for my sound system and I’ll supply the rest. The music, props, even a backdrop. Everything needed to present a professional show. I’ve worked in every situation imaginable and I’m flexible enough to adapt. No headaches for you! Each program runs about 45 minutes or 1 class period.

“Greg is a performer who gives that “little bit extra” to every audience and every host.  I’ve booked him at least eight times, and I’ll book him again! My experience with Greg shows me that he’s always looking for ways to make it a better event for all involved. He is one of the most accommodating speakers that I have ever hosted. Before he left, people were already asking when he would be coming back!”
Randy Christensen, Childhood Development Director, Willmar, Minnesota

7.    Positive Role Model – I am passionate about each of these topics and I honestly and genuinely “practice what I preach”. (My passion will come through loud and clear during every performance.) This is so important in a time when positive role models for children are so hard to come by.

“Sharing your life’s experiences with our students is greatly appreciated. Positive role models like you who inspire students to dream of their futures make a real difference in these children’s lives. I appreciate your commitment to education.
Robin L. Novelli, Principal Southwest Middle School, Palm Bay, Florida

“We appreciate your many contributions to creating a positive learning environment. Your expertise created excitement for everyone. Throughout the presentation, you were able to interject meaningful messages while capturing the magic. I will recommend you to other elementary schools without reservation.
Linda Piccolella, Principal, Brevard County Florida

“The gifts of your time and message were a great encouragement to both students and staff. We are grateful for your commitment to our community, to students, and to the work of our school.”
Dr. Grant Powell, Headmaster, Masters Academy, Vero Beach, Florida

8.    Affordable – Use the program as an In-House Field Trip or Kick Off a Theme Week! Fees vary depending on location and distance traveled.  Additional travel charges may apply and there are many discount and funding programs available for eligible schools. Combine with other schools in the same time frames for even greater savings. Be sure to ask us how you can bring these important assembly programs to your school for FREE using your local P.T.A or P.T.S.O.!!!

“The referrals given to us of your skills did not do you justice. Your performance was much more than we had anticipated…and so affordable. Before we found you, we had spent much more money for much less program! But not anymore. We’ve got your number on speed dial!
Jennifer Isaac, Director, Robinson Magnet School, Bismarck, North Dakota

9.    Professional – I’m fortunate to present magical programs for a living. I feel truly blessed that schools enjoy my programs enough to have me back year after year. The past 25 plus years have certainly taught me all the ins and outs of the business!

“Greg is without a doubt, the most gifted Children’s Performer I have ever personally encountered. The chemistry of his giftings seem to explode…He has a rapport with kids that is amazing. He has the ability to take them into new places. I offer my strongest recommendation.”
John Hamilton, V.P. General Manager, WSCF-FM, Vero Beach, Florida

“While Greg has the professional skill to move a whole audience with his abilities, he is more concerned with the message, uncompromisingly stated and clearly presented. He has the heart attitude towards the best for children.”
Scott Stensgard, Director of Children’s Development, Fargo, North Dakota

10.  Proof – These letters from other assembly planners virtually guarantee that YOUR assembly will be just as successful as theirs, or even MORE so.

Speaking of guarantees, here’s my exclusive:

Better Than Money Back Guarantee…

My guarantee is simple and straightforward. If you are not completely satisfied that my program entertained and educated the children, you get 100% of your money back!

That’s right. You get the complete fee refunded!

I can’t be any fairer than that, can I? There’s no risk for your school whatsoever.
But here’s the truth:

If you have read all the testimonials I’ve given you, you know that you don’t have anything to worry about. You won’t be disappointed. You won’t want your money back.The point is; you’ll be happy with the program…guaranteed.

Free Bonuses!

  • Support Materials – Comprehensive teachers’ guides’ aid with the learning process even long after the assembly is over.
  • Teacher’s Kit – with ideas for discussion.
  • Press Release – to let our community know the “extra mile” you are going for your children’s success.
  •  Copy of Greg’s Book –“Funbelievable Magical Secrets For Kids.” It’s full of tricks the children can learn.

“Wow Greg, This Sounds Great! Now What?”Pick up the phone and call me to make sure that a date you want is available. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.Call toll free: 321-626-2622.
In Brevard County Florida the number is (321)-626-2622 Or if you prefer, you can email me at: Sometimes email is faster than phone tag. :o)


Greg Phillips, M.M.E.H. (Magical, Motivational, Educational, Humorist)

P.S. Remember, I’m not going to try and “sell” you so you can relax – no pressure. I’m here to answer any questions you may have and to help make your assemblies the best and most memorable that they can be.


Greg Phillips