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Looking for a Great idea for your next in-house field trip?

Why not add a bit of “funbelievable” magic from Greg Phillips!

Mr. Greg’s show is filled with fun, laughter, music, education and especially thrilled children!

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Are you in charge of operating a preschool or daycare? Then you may want to give
Mr. Greg Phillips a call. Imagine the children laughing and enjoying themselves. See them learning important lessons while having fun. Experience the wonder on a child’s face when the magic happens right before his eyes, or in her hands. Funbelievable indeed!

Do you remember being a child? When you were young you would run and play and
act … 
well, like a child! Do you remember watching Saturday morning cartoons? If not, just watch a child as he or she enjoys a funny cartoon. Kids giggle, kids laugh out loud! Why, because they love the physical nature of a cartoon. Children have special needs when it comes to entertainment. Kids enjoy playing or acting out their fantasies. A child will laugh at what seems to be some of the silliest things.

Mr. Greg  has a unique understanding about what it takes to entertain a child. At a daycare center or preschool, the children are usually 5 years and younger. For these children, everything seems to be magic. And yet, Mr. Greg can amaze and more importantly even educate them. Mr. Greg  knows how to adjust his performance to suite the age of the children he is entertaining.
Young children, especially, can be frightened by unusual things or people they don’t know. Mr. Greg understands this. His approach to entertaining preschool children is to start off gentle. No flames shooting up, no loud music booming, no big magical TA DA! Merely a soft easing into the show. The children are caught up in wonderful adventure, or a story, and before they know it, the magic is happening, and the kids are quite involved in the show.

 So, you can see that magic is only part of the entertainment package when it comes to preschool children. This jam packed specially designed 35-45 minute children’s program combines magic, educational routines, storytelling, comedy, music, puppets and lots of audience participation!
They all play a role in the show.

Depending upon which children’s show you request for you daycare or preschool, you’ll meet an array of lovable characters! Young children are delighted by these new friends.  They will laugh and enjoy all the physical antics of the show. Watch your staff as they enjoy the programs as well! Be ready to smile, laugh, and even groan at Mr. Greg’s antics!

Mr. Greg uses his 30 plus years’ experience as a Children’s Entertainer/Educator to bring his Magic Shows to you for these special In-House Field Trips.

Mr. Greg offers several different programs to choose from.  Each show is different with its own characters and message. The shows come complete– all you provide is a plug and an eager group of children!

There is no better time to enjoy…
The Comedy, the Magic, the “FUNBELIEVABLE” Mr. Greg Phillips!

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   “We were so very impressed at your ability to keep our children laughing and wanting more all while learning through your wonderful magic tricks. You certainly know how to work with young children!”

Miss Mary Ann, Bear Hugs Daycare, Melbourne, Palm Bay, FL
“Thank you for the two wonderful performances on our summer kick-off day. The children were literally shaking with laughter.  One of our Day Care Assistants told me that you were great, “One of the best she has seen.”  She was right! Your program was so good because the kids are such a big part of it. They truly enjoyed, participated and learned.” Ann Kriemlish, Children’s Service, Brevard County, Florida
“We … really enjoyed your performance. You worked with the children at their level and provided material which was interesting and fun for them, along with having a great, easy to understand message. They loved the magic and puppets and were engaged the entire time. That doesn’t always happen when we have performers working with our  three, four and five year olds! We’ll definitely plan on having you back! Thank you so much!”
Shirley Thomas, Gerber Early Childhood Center
On behalf of the City of Palm Bay Children’s Services, I thank you again for a great magical performance. It is always a pleasure to work with you. The kids have fun and the families always have great things to say! Ann Moorehead, City of Palm Bay, Florida

It was a joy to watch the children’s excitement. We heartily recommend you to anyone.
Nancy Fulop, Director, Wellington Academy Palm Bay, Florida


Shows to choose from:       

Countdown 2 Colors!  Is a fun show that teaches kids to recognize letters, colors and numbers quickly and then how to quantify, sort and play with them.  Mr. Greg reinforces what parents; teachers and caregivers do to try to teach children & preschoolers the essential skills that will put them at the top of their class. Learning the alphabet, learning colors, learning to count & more are great places to start. Includes, music, puppets and lots of audience participation!

Mr Greg’s “Stranger Danger Kids Safety Show” is perfect for your younger children!



This is a UNIQUE PROGRAM is one that your students will LOVE and your parents will THANK YOU for having at your school!
Through Mr. Greg’s fun, interactive magic show, pre-school age children will learn:

  • Dangers Of Strangers
  • Calling 9-1-1
  • What To Do If They Get Lost!

Kids see strangers every day in stores, in the park, and in their neighborhoods. Most of these strangers are nice, normal people, but a few may not be.  Mr. Greg will help protect your students from dangerous strangers by teaching them about strangers.

Mr. Greg’s program is drawn on years of experience with teaching children at their level and teaches about what a stranger is, what one LOOKS LIKE and who to tell when kids need help.
This show also helps children to know about “911” and when it’s appropriate to call that important number! Meet Mr. Greg’s puppet friends that are a hit with young children and these puppets help the children what they should do if they GET LOST!

This program is not just educational, but also very entertaining and geared specifically toward young children. The show consists of magic, music, lots of audience participation and comedy. The children will laugh as well as learn!

Oh, the Magical Places to Go! Join Greg in this magical tribute to
Dr. Seuss as children travel on a journey around the world. They will learn that reading is fun. The program will let children discover the diversity of the planet with a focus on respect and tolerance through the morals and examples presented in many of Dr. Seuss’s’ books. The program features many children’s favorite books that come to life with magic, juggling puppets and music.

The books that will be part of Greg’s Magic program include: The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, If I Ran The Circus, The Sneetches and Other Stories, Horton Hears a Who, Gertrude McFuzz, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and Happy Birthday to You!


Summer Beach Party Blast!  Kids may get wet if they sit in the “Splash Zone of this summer themed show built around water! Also included is some water and sun safety. Packed with plenty of fun, lots of magic, audience interaction, beach and summertime stories, plus a special visit! Promotes summer fun, safety, water, and reading fun! No Summertime Blues here!


Kookier Than Spookier  Sillier Safety Show! Nothing scary about this magic show. Actually the emphasis is on ‘Kooky’. This is a great show to teach children safe ways of trick or treating. With his patented silly but gentle approach, Mr. Greg gets the kids involved in the show. They’ll be laughing and pointing and enjoying the magic and mayhem. All while, the safety message is being taught.  Kooky monsters or ghosts will make their appearance (or disappearance), but sometimes the magic just goes wrong!
 And of course the kids will delight in helping this poor, misguided magician. With fun characters, music, stories, magic and a message about safety.


Pumpkins, Pilgrims and Please and Thank You’s! Is a fun magic show for the month of November or great for your Thanksgiving Party. This show teaches Thankfulness, a little about the Pilgrims, Some great Pumpkins tricks and stories and why good manners are the best way to go. Mr. Greg tosses in a little family and friends for good measure!


The Jingle Bell Magic Snow Show! Just because many of these programs are performed in Florida doesn’t mean Greg can’t bring on the magic of the Winter season!  This show is especially designed with the season in mind! It features some of the imagery from winter like Rudolph, Frosty the snow man and Jack Frost. We might even start things off with trip to the North Pole! Mr. Greg will even produce “Snow!” A great show for everyone!
 (Mr. Greg also has a religious version of this show for Christian facilities).

Mr. Greg can design a show that is specific to your particular theme or need! But know Mr. Greg’s shows are something different to look forward to. He’s integrated magic, music, puppets, and storytelling into a wonder-filled show for preschool aged children. But the staff will enjoy it too. Audience participation, laughter, funny business, and some baffling magic are all part of the show, but the main ingredient in this show is fun!  Greg uses his 25 plus years’ experience as a Children’s Entertainer/Educator to bring his Shows to you for a special In-House Field Trip.

These shows are jam packed specially designed 45-55 minute children’s program that combines magic, educational routines, storytelling, comedy, music, puppets and lots of audience participation!

The shows come complete– all you provide is a plug and an eager group of children!

(Click the above Workshop Link to check out Greg’s Workshops… both Magic and Juggling, more summer activities for your children!)


(Mileage may be extra for schools over 50 miles-

Discounts for multiple programs at 1 location)

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Greg Phillips